Recruitment Apllicantion (Dark_Yusuf)

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Recruitment Apllicantion (Dark_Yusuf)

Post  Yusuf on Sun Jun 24, 2012 3:58 pm

1. Dark_Yusuf
2. England
3. I am have a cousin in this clan (Ehsan) and a brother (Dark_Junaid)
4. 12 Sad but I am mature and you can ask Ehsan
5. 0.94 but it is steadily rising
7. Don't know what to do
8. Eternal Alliance and ~xTremeKnifers~
9. Cos i decided to apply 4 this epic clan
10. In ~xTremeKnifers~ my kd was 3.40
11. I started on 05.08.11
12. Oil Rig
13. TMP
14. Because I have a cousin and brother in this clan
15. N/A
16. N/A


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