i want to join your clan!!!

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i want to join your clan!!! Empty i want to join your clan!!!

Post  Guest on Mon Nov 19, 2012 8:09 pm

1. IGN: nNecK-
2. Country: Israel
3. Something about yourself: Im a friendly person i really like WOGL its fun and i rly admirer ur clan.
4. Age: 14.5
5. KDR: 1.28
7. Link to your profile: if by link to my profile u mean my profile in CAE web so: http://en.combatarms.nexoneu.com/NXEU.aspx?PART=/Community/Profile
8. Previous clans: HydroGaming and myCTRL
9. Why did you leave your last clan? i left the clans cause i didn't came to cw so they told me or to come or to leave [but i was afk then so they fought i was ignoring them and btw they kicked me]
10. What was your CW kd in last clan? in HydroGaming: 1.92 / myCTRL: 1.83
11. How long are you playing CA? im playing about 2.5 years im not sure
12. Your favorite map: Gray Hammer
13. Your favorite weapon: AK-47 / FAMAS / L96A1
14. Why do you want to join Original-Gaming? I want to join Original-Gaming because u are a good clan and u are the only WOGL clan i know who is a good clan so that why.
15. Banned accounts: LastMan-
16. Reason of ban: (if u have banned accounts) Someone hacked into my acc and i report the acc cause he used all my gp / nx and he changed the pw so i didn't know what to do.


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