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Post  Naut on Tue Dec 18, 2012 9:08 pm

EletronauT- | youtube channel ElectronautHD
2. Country:Sweden
3. Something little about yourself: my name is William gustavson and i love to drive motocross ! and i fraps my games for upload it on youtube ! Smile YT: ElectronautHD
4. Age:15
5. KDR:.1.32
7. Link to your profile:
8. Previous clans: "UnKnownZ." and "we bring pain"
9. Why u left your last clan?i was leader for UnKnownZ. but i terminated that clan cuz i wanted to join "we bring pain" but they was INATIVE so i left them and now im doing a apply for Original-Gaming Smile
10. What KD have you had in your last clan? last time i saw my clan K/D it was 1.47
11. How long have you been playing: I started on Combat Arms BETA ! Smile
12. Your favorite map: Sand hog, Power surge, Warhead, Junk Flea, oil rig, Snow valley, i think i like all maps ! Very Happy
13. Your favorite weapon: m4a1, Artic wolf, G36E, G23
14. Why do you want to join to Original-Gaming? Because i want to join a GOOD and SERIOUS clan ! and i like all members in this clan ! Very Happy And I have played with many players from this clan at WOGL Smile
15. Banned accounts: no one ! but i was in rank 1LT2and someone hacked it from me ! O.o and my name on that account was _ElectronauT
16. Reason for ban: my accoutn got HACKED Sad



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