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Post  xScreeN- on Fri Feb 01, 2013 10:14 pm

1. IGN: xScreeN-
2. Country: Israel
3. Something about yourself: Just a normal guy having fun with friends and play combat arms and cod4 and some times bf3 or css
4. Age: 15
5. KDR: 1.28
7. Link to your profile:
8. Previous clans: I was on alot of clans like jack clans right know im on jack clan is called carF
9. Why did you leave your last clan? He close i never leave a clan only if they just hate me all
10. What was your CW kd in last clan? 1.50
11. How long are you playing CA? Since 2008
12. Your favorite map: Sand hog.rattlesnake.power surge.dreage
13. Your favorite weapon:L96A1.AW.K2.AK.UMP
14. Why do you want to join Original-Gaming? Because I'm looking for a serious clan and play as hard as you can to win.
And not that I care to laugh sometimes because I saw you do it a few times
It looks really fun and I hope to acctept Smile
15. Banned accounts: I played until 2009 and returned a little in 2010 and returned again in 2011 back then until I play
I was not a regular player. All once banned but now I've played who in 2011 until 2013 I are xScreeN-
16. Reason of ban: (if you have banned accounts) Mods in 2009 i play with little bit with mode like fast knife


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