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iCrazY-`s Apply For Original-gaming Empty iCrazY-`s Apply For Original-gaming

Post  iCrazY- on Fri Feb 08, 2013 5:12 pm

1. IGN: iCrazY-
2. Country: Georgia
3. Something about yourself: Hello Guys i`m iCrazY- But i want Join with my second account with Shama- Untill i get unbanned on my main Account iCrazY- its banned for 60D Harrasment Then i will join with my main
4. Age: 22 years old
5. KDR: iCrazY- 1.56 Shama- 1.41
7. Link to your profile: http://en.combatarms.nexoneu.com/NXEU.aspx?PART=/Community/Profile iCrazY- http://en.combatarms.nexoneu.com/NXEU.aspx?PART=/Community/Profile Shama-
8. Previous clans: Legion.B And mTp
9. Why did you leave your last clan? Legion.B was inactive, Left mTp coz of eAlex was accepted in clan know hacker and i don`t like to be with single hacker in same clan its shame for me
10. What was your CW kd in last clan? 1.20 + don`t remember corect
11. How long are you playing CA? Since Beta
12. Your favorite map: Rattle snake
13. Your favorite weapon: M4A1
14. Why do you want to join Original-Gaming? Its a nice clan as i see playin with u guys much time on Wogl publics
15. Banned accounts: have not Smile
16. Reason of ban: (if you have banned accounts)


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iCrazY-`s Apply For Original-gaming Empty Re: iCrazY-`s Apply For Original-gaming

Post  DeepFocus on Fri Feb 08, 2013 8:02 pm

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