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Post  Jack Sni on Mon Feb 25, 2013 11:58 pm

Hey eveybod, just want like to know what u guys think if i want to join the clan. Because i saw the conditions and i got an acc banned for hacking i dont know how i can explain it but i just can say that im not hacking. Explain why the banned account : my best freind had my password and my ID and because he quitted - acc name : GesticKz (he is back now) and because its a game and he wanred that i will rage and be mad he hacked on my main acc (_SniiP_TiM3_) after i got banned i was realy mad because the reason was hacking and i didnt hacked so i was like "why nexon" and than he told me that he hacked ki da for fun and since my acc is banned nexon is like bann all my accs i create new abd they banned me again i dobt know why im Linked and yehaaa guys if u think im cheating it is ok i will also think that id someone is banned for hacking but srsly why should i lie its just a game so

I want to know ur opinion should i make an apply in forum or shouldnt i ?.. thanks for reading btw and i wish the best for OG in the Future

And now i need to go cuz my dog wants to eat my cat -.- bye gays ehhm i mean guys*

Jack Sni

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