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Post  Undefeat on Thu Feb 28, 2013 7:57 pm

1. IGN: Undefeated--
2. Country: Denmark
3. Something about yourself: Im 16 years old and my name is Henrik and i am a SnD player.
4. Age: 16 "last post was a type fail".
5. KDR: 1,75
7. Link to your profile: http://en.combatarms.nexoneu.com/NXEU.aspx?PART=/Community/Profile COPYING THE LINK IS NOT ENOUGH, YOU HAVE TO TYPE THE PART /Profile&NickName= BY YOURSELF, IF YOU WONT IT WILL JUST LEAD US TO THE NEXON WEBSITE NOT YOUR PROFILE!!!
8. Previous clans: CaliforniA
9. Why did you leave your last clan? I wanted a clan with more and funny members.
10. What was your CW kd in last clan? We wasent enouge members to cw.
11. How long are you playing CA? 2 years i think.
12. Your favorite map: SandHog, RattleSnake.
13. Your favorite weapon: AK-47, G36E and BlackMagnum
14. Why do you want to join Original-Gaming? Becuse there i many members and funny members.
15. Banned accounts: i dont have any
16. Reason of ban: (if you have banned accounts)


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Undefeat's apply  Empty Re: Undefeat's apply

Post  -HairySeaL- on Thu Feb 28, 2013 8:19 pm

Moved to voting section.

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