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Post  Aston on Sat Jul 27, 2013 8:11 pm

--IGN : Astonished-
-- like CA, skateboarding football, i have fun playing CA :)and im 16 year old boy... idk xD i love go4ca and WOGL btw
--16, this year 17
--1:21 KD
--A lot of clans some QR i was plazing this...but mostly i play SnD,,, previous clan : AnxiousMovement... It was TERMINATED
--KD was 1:00 but melle only
--im playing CA for year and a half
--I dont have favourite, i like Grayhammer tho
--L96 Arctic wolf is m favourite
--I want to join OG cuy there are nice members and i think it would be nice experience overall
--I gt banned on Gortina16.. xD i was powerlvl cuy i had low KD, just started playing CA that was 2 year ago

Hairy btw,,, u have to shave...


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