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Post  -eCkoO- on Tue Jan 10, 2012 5:12 pm

Hi everybody Wink
1. IGN: -eCkoO-
2. Country: italy
3. Something little about yourself: hi Smile my name is roberto, and i really want to join this clan Smile
4. Age: 17
5. KDR: 1.03
7. Link to your profile: http://combatarms.nexoneu.com/NXEU.aspx?PART=/Community/Profile&NickName=-eCkoO-
8. Previous clans: Ultim4t3 Force | CryStaL_FuSioN
9. Why u left your last clan? I'm still in CryStaL_FuSioN clan, because i'm writing i this forum by my iPhone ^^ but i will left my clan when i log, today or tomorrow Smile, the reason is that CryStaL are going to be inactive, and i don't like it, and there are so much females (in game, not in real).
10. How long have you been playing CA? 3 years
11. Your favorite map: Sand Hog
12. Your favorite weapon: m4a1
13. Why do you want to join to Original-Gaming? Because since now i was searching a "Only males-Clan" but i only found "DukeGaming".. Yesterday i met your leader and other members (Cannabiss, BBRect and a low level that i dont remember name) i a WOGL Room and i liked so much playing with you.
14. Banned accounts: No one, i was scammed 2 times: names was: rob_x3 (first acc, csm5, Lloyddah cpt4).

With lloyddah i had 1.70 of K/D, but now 1.03 because i was playing since a week ago with a very bad computer paid 200euros ^^, and i played a lot of SnD's [60% on website]
i was __LaPer, namechanged to -eCkoO- ^^

Thanks ^^


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Post  Guest on Tue Jan 10, 2012 7:26 pm

Thanks for apply. We'll let you know soon if you're accepted. Good luck


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