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Post  benny981 on Thu Jan 12, 2012 2:25 pm

1. IGN:benjamin981
2. Country:sweden
3. Something little about yourself: my name is benjamin,im CAEU player,playing much wogl/snd
4. Age:11
5. KDR:1.18
7. Link to your profile:can't link
8. Previous clans:~P0wer.SkilZzz~
9. Why u left your last clan? Terminated
10. How long have you been playing CA?1,5 years
11. Your favorite map:sand hog,power surge and short fuse
12. Your favorite weapon:M4A1,AUG A1 and L96A1
13. Why do you want to join to Original-Gaming?its a good and active wogl clan.and all my friends in CA is in this clan
14. Banned accounts:NONE
15. Reason for ban: (if u have banned accounts)NONE

I have a question if i can join clan with out playing cw/TS3 if it stops me to join clan? cuz im too young

anyway good luck all !!!!



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