DivisioN- [Accepted]

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DivisioN- [Accepted]

Post  Sahiin on Fri Jan 13, 2012 5:57 pm

Im sorry , I toke the questions from somebody else who didnt answer all questions..

1. IGN: DivisioN- AlsoKnownAs Clefairy
2. Country: The Netherlands
3. Something little about yourself: I love WOGL ! <3
4. Age: 15, 16 in february
5. KDR: 1.55
7. Link to your profile: http://en.combatarms.nexoneu.com/NXEU.aspx?PART=/Community/Profile
8. Previous clans: SpareTimeGaming.
9. Why u left your last clan? I got hacked and the hackers left SpareTimeGaming.
10. How long have you been playing CA? 2 years or something, I dont know.
11. Your favorite map: The most SnD maps
12. Your favorite weapon: m4a1
13. Why do you want to join to Original-Gaming? Because I love WOGL clan!
14. Banned accounts: Clefairy
15. Reason for ban: (if u have banned accounts): They hacked me and said in lobby I sell my account ..


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Re: DivisioN- [Accepted]

Post  dENIthepro on Fri Jan 13, 2012 6:05 pm

Thanks for apply, we will let you know.

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